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I Could Literally Watch This All Day


140520 Last Romeo showcase in Taiwan
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leadergyu praised maknae

Last Romeo

* ikemen (イケメン) - an extremely handsome/hot guy


Last Romeo + lyrics

141/150 pictures of Yuri

last romeo choreography

greasy hoya and a woogyu moment

인피니트 멤버들과 뒷풀이 중 … 지금 내 옆에는 성열이!


we know, we love him too. #tao #kris #exo #taoris



Welcome to SM Entertainment, a place where you might enter but probably never exits. Just for your info if you miss freedom too much we have practice rooms that are filled with clouds wallpaper for you to release your feels. Since you like your social media sites so much, we have people just right to help with your daily tweets, posts, on Instagram or Facebook. We have great contracts because you don’t have to get involved and just do whatever we says. We don’t have such a thing called “break”. Oh, we might have though. When you get too tired and fall sick for the hospital, that’s our break, yeah.

Enough of this, let’s meet our CEO, Mr Kim YoungMin. He is the life director of the company because he’s capable for all circumstances. Want some spotlight? He can make some stories between you and your members to get that or just ask one of the workers to add some ingredients to the social site’s post. Whatever, you name it, he can do it.

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I don’t care about anything anymore I just want to hear it from Kris and Kris only

EXO has seen what shit the older groups have been through. They are not taking that same beating. And neither are the rest of the artists. They’ve watched it. They’ve felt it. All the ones that have unfollowed SM on twitter are following the rebellion. EXO is rebelling. I bet SM didn’t anticipate the group from another planet. They are not from earth. And they will not take this earthly bullshit.

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